• Relieve chronic prostrate
  • Reduce enlarged prostate
  • Stop frequent urination
  • Eliminate painful urine
  • Relieve testacular pain
  • Cures erectile dysfunction
  • Improves sexual function
  • Stimulate blood circulation

Are you suffering from enlarged prostate or frequent urination? The diseases of the prostate gland has been studied thoroughly for thousands of years. Men of all ages can suffer from acute or chronic prostatitic with or without urinary obstruction. Older men, unfortunately, suffer from more serious conditions such as hypertrophy and hyperplasia of prostate. Prostatitis may damage the functionality of the prostate gland and have an effect on sperm production. Nowadays, almost a half of male population between the ages 20-50 has been or will be affected by this disease at some point of their lives. BangDeLi Prostatic Navel Plaster has excellent performance for prostate inflammation and enlargement. It also has effective benefits on urine incontinence; pain during urination; sexual Impotence etc.

It is applied directly to the navel to stimulate blood circulation, heal prostate and scrotal pain, eliminate prostatic inflammation, enhance sexual endurance, prolong sexual intercourse, and stop frequent, urgent or painful urination. It is also helpful for the treatment of painful, urgent and frequent urination, chronic prostatitis and prostatic englargement. Order yours now!


1. Men who experience frequent urination, urgent urination, urinary incontinence, dribble urination, etc.

2. Men who want to improve their sex lives. Men who suffer from testicular pain, aching back and knees, deficiency of libido, erectal dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

3. People who have been diagnosed with chronic prostatitis and prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate). Chronic prostatitis can be caused by longtime sitting, cycling, drinking alcohol and even catching a cold. Long-term chronic inflammation causes fibrosis of the urethra and bladder neck and urethral stricture. The subjective symptoms are dysuria and nocturnal urination. Severe chronic
prostatitis can cause partial infertility. Hyperplasia of the prostate (prostate enlargement) can lead to renal insufficiency.

  • Made 100% Chinese herbs, has strong base permeability and no side effects
  • Concentrate the patch in front of the glands to be more effective
  • The herbal ingredients in the patch is absorbed through the skin mucosa, and the drug content is continuously and systematically delivered to the body
  • It is an organic and natural therapy
  • After attaching the plaster, the herbal ingredients can be continuously released for a long time to achieve long-term effect, can be released at a predetermined time and at a predetermined speed, so that the concentration of herbal ingredients in the blood can be maintained within the effective concentration range for a long time
  • Main Ingredients: Cattail Pollen Typhae, Cyathulaofficinalis Kuan, Safflower Saffron, Cinnamon cassia, Corydailis Pyrrosia Leaf, Plantago Asiatica, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, Rhizoma Corydalis and borneol.  


Step 1: Wash the navel area with lukewarm water.

Step 2: Open the pouch (along the cutting line).

Step 3: Get the plaster out and remove the attached paper from one side.

Step 4: Apply the plaster with its adhesive side down to navel. One patch can be used for 2-3 days.

Step 5: Remove plaster and clean the skin.

Step 6: Repeat the procedure in 24 hours.

Step 7: One treatment consists of 5 plasters.

Step 8: The best results are achieved after 2-3 treatments (10-15 plasters).

NOTE: Do not drink alcohol or carbonated beverages, and do not use in areas where skin is damaged or ulcerated.


During your 2-3 treatment courses (or using 30-45 plasters), you will gradually experience improve conditions, even including morning erection. This becomes better and better as you keep using the product, so that you can return to optimum sexual well-being. The use of our product does not preclude you from the use of orthodox western medicine. This product is safe and effective with no side effects, no addiction and will not cause disorder of visceral metabolic function.


1. Do NOT use too much salt in your diet during treatment.

2. Do NOT drink alcohol or carbonated beverages during use.

3. Do NOT apply the “Prostatic Navel Plaster” directly on open wounds, scratched skin or lacerations.

4. Do NOT apply the plaster if you are allergic to adhesive tape or to any of the components used in making the Prostatic Navel Plaster.

5. This product can NOT be used as a substitute for drugs.

Prostate Enlargement Patch (1piece/pack) | Penis Enhancement Plaster

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