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  • Vaginal pH test
  • Gynecological disease test
  • Gynecological inflammation test

Is your vagina feeling uncomfortable? Our vaginal self-test card uses a simple and intuitive method to let you know if you suffer from vaginitis, the degree of your vaginal inflammation, and to check the pH value of your secretion. It's a must-have test kit for any lady that values the health of their vagina. Order yours now!

  • Very simple and easy to use at home
  • Fast way to self-test for gynecoligical diseases
  • Content: Test strip + Cotton swab + Color card


You should do this test to help evaluate if your vaginal symptoms (i.e., itching, burning, unpleasant odor, or unusual discharge) are likely caused by an infection that needs medical treatment. The test is not intended for HIV, chlamydia, herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, or group B streptococcus.


Home vaginal pH tests showed good agreement with a doctor's diagnosis. However, just because you find changes in your vaginal pH, doesn't always mean that you have a vaginal infection. pH changes also do not help or differentiate one type of infection from another. Your doctor diagnoses a vaginal infection by using a combination of: pH, microscopic examination of the vaginal discharge, amine odor, culture, wet preparation, and Gram stain.


1. Using cotton bud, swab or gently collect a small amount of fluid or discharge from the vagina and apply it on the test strip. After 30 seconds, compare the color of the strip with the color test chart in normal light. Interpretations are also provided on the test chart. If it shows any inflammation, infection or any disorder, please consult with your gynecologist.


1. Before using the tester, in last 24 hours, please avoid from having sexual intercourse, avoid using vaginal douche or washing the vagina, and do not use drugs.

2. Diabetic patients, those doing hormone therapy, pregnant women, and those in their periods should not do this test.

3. Please use immediately after opening, this product is for the use of one-time only.

4. Keep this tester well. Keep away from sun light, store in dry place.

5. Expiry date: 3 years from production.

Vaginal Inflammation Self-Test Kit | Vaginal pH Self-Test Strips
20000 25000

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