Single Cup (400ML) Blender with Six Blades and Double Motor Power

₦7,000.00 ₦7,500.00
  • Produces more cups of juice per blending
  • Lasts longer due to its double battery power
  • Powerful motor and 6 blades that can crush ice

Are you risking your health by not taking enough fresh and natural juice on a regular basis? This upgraded and bigger portable blender can help you make fresh smoothies, shakes, margaritas, or your baby's food on the go! You can recharge it via any USB port and enjoy a 100% fresh and natural juice while working, exercising, driving, traveling, camping, or taking a picnic. Order yours now!

  • Can be used to make fresh smoothies, shakes or your baby's food while traveling
  • Has double rechargeable batteries with a combined capacity of 4000mAh
  • Has a bigger BPA-free and food-grade glass cup of 400ML capacity
  • Has double motor power of 7.4V and 150W
  • Has 6 powerful SUS304 stainless steel blades that can crush ice
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Can produce up to 20 cups of juice or shakes when fully charged


1. Wash the fruits and vegetables, and cut them into smaller sizes.

2. Always remember to pour some liquid (water or milk) into the juicer cup first before adding any fruits or vegetables. It should be at about 20% of the cup. Then put the soft fruits/vegetables before the hard ones.

3. Make sure the total content in the juicer cup is at about 80% or less.

4. Press the switch button. It will take about 20-60 seconds to blend your fruits and vegetables. For better mixing, gently shake the bottle once in a while during the blending process.

5. Turn off the machine and enjoy your fresh and 100% natural juice.


1. Before first use, add clean water and press the power button on your blender to rinse or clean it.

2. You need to charge your blender for 3 hours with any USB port before first use or whenever the battery is down. It will arrive mostly charged, but for maximum power, charge it before your first use. The light turns red while charging and blue once fully charged. The USB cord only fits in one way, so don’t try to force it in the wrong way.You need to charge your blender for 3 hours for single batteries and 5 hours for double batteries with any USB port before first use or whenever the battery is low. It will mostly arrive partially charged, but for maximum power, charge it before your first use. The light turns red while charging and blue once fully charged. The USB cord only fits in one way, so don’t try to force it in the wrong way. (NOTE: We have also noticed that most customers are not patient to fully charge the blender and then they complain of low battery afterwards. Please charge your blender for 3/5 hours.)

3. Always start by adding some water, milk or juice. This will make blending easy.

4. We recommend cutting your fruit or other ingredients into small chunks. If they are too much or too big and without water, milk or juice, the blades may get stuck. When stuck, turn the product upside down so the blades can start to run, then you can turn it back.

5. Make sure the capacity of all of the ingredients inside the cup is around 70%-80% of the cup capacity. It can be less but it should not be more.

6. For maximum blending power, start your blender upside down so that the blades reach their top RPM (rotation per minute), then turn it downside up so that your ingredients hit all 6 blades at full speed.

7. For most of the NEW and UPGRADED models, you will have to press the power button twice in quick successions. It's designed that way to prevent children from switching it on carelessly.

8. Do not open the lid during the blending process as fruits or vegetable particles might splash out and stain or hurt you. Also, shake your blender in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction from time to time during blending for proper mixing.

9. We do not recommend hot liquids over 120°F / 49°C which may cause damage, including leaks, to the jar and base.

10. To clean your blender, simply put water with an optional drop of dish soap inside, and run it one or more times as needed. We don’t recommend putting the jar or lid in the dishwasher. Never submerge the electronic base.

11. If you remove the glass from the base to clean the product, when coupling it back, make sure you continue to screw or tighten the glass with the base until the light flashes. If it’s not well tightened, the blades won’t rotate. It will just blink and switch off.

12. Red and blue flashing lights mean your jar isn’t aligned with your base. To fix this, simply screw your jar clockwise into the base and you will notice a blinking light once they are well aligned. On some blenders, the arrow on the jar needs to line up with the light in the base. As a safety precaution there is a small magnet on the jar and base, which must be aligned, or else the blades won’t spin.

13. Red flashing lights mean your blender needs to be recharged or that your blades are blocked. If it's low battery, please recharge the blender for at least 3 hours and if it's not low battery, then you must have either overstocked the blender and kind of choked the blades (read no.5) or you must have put in some hard things such as ginger or nuts which are difficult to blend and which could damage the blades. If you have overstocked the blender with soft fruits and/or vegetables that are very much blendable, please remove it all and divide them into 2, 3 or 4 batches, depending on the quantity. Then blend them one batch at a time until you blend all. Remember, what you bought is a PORTABLE blender and not the big or industrial blenders. Please also note again that it's better to power the blender on when it's upside down so the blades can kickstart at a full speed before flipping it back over while still on.


Your satisfaction is our final goal. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the item, return it within 30 days and get a full refund or replacement immediately!