First Aid Bandage (50pieces/pack) | Sterile and Adhesive Wound Care Plaster

  • Help protect wounds
  • Help wounds heal fast

Our new sterile band-aid offers long-lasting and continuous protection care for wounds, cuts and scrapes. It has antibacterial effect, wound healing properties, infection control, hypoallergenic properties, and does not stimulate the skin. Order yours now!

  • Offers sterile long-lasting adhesive for continuous protection
  • Help protect cuts and scrapes, by conforming to skin with an absorbent, non-stick pad
  • Bandages are latex free, to ensure you don't have any reactions when applying them
  • Made with high elasticity fabric, providing comfortable fit, stretchable material for the ability to conform and bend on skin as needed, and edges will not tear or fade
  • Has an absorbent, non-stick pad, for extra comfort to painful wounds, and easy removal
  • Will still remain on skin even after bathing or washing
  • Has antibacterial hemostatic, facilitate healing, and prevent infections on wounds
  • Latex free, breathable and waterproof
  • Light, small and easy to use
  • Specifications: 50 adhesive bandages per pack


1. STERILE unless individual wrapper is opened or damaged.

2. For best results, apply bandage to clean, dry skin. Change bandage daily, when wet, or more often if needed. 

3. Not intended for use on sensitive or delicate skin.

4. For medical emergencies, seek professional help.