Are you experiencing dandruff, damaged scalp or hair loss? This product contains sea salt which is a natural ingredient with deep cleansing and decontaminating ability. It supplements the nutrients lost from the scalp, protects the scalp, prevents dandruff from forming on the scalp, and inhibits oil secretion. The purifying, moisturizing, and soothing effect of sea salt on the scalp is ideal as a detox treatment to cleanse and rebalance sensitive or oily scalps, relieve stinging and itchiness on the scalp, remove chemical residues and impurities on the scalp, support natural blood microcirculation to the scalp, providing re-balancing mineral salts, and offers deep and long-lasting hydration even after washing the hair. Order yours now!

  • Salt shampoo is the latest must-try hair care product as it adds volume and bounce while detoxifying the scalp
  • Regular shampoos contain sodium chloride, which has been linked to a dry and itchy scalp. In contract, sea salt detoxifies the scalp, getting rid of the grease and product which builds up over time
  • Deep cleansing, improve hair quality, repair damaged skin, and bid farewell to itchy skin
  • Efficient cleaning, balance oil secretion, and protect hair health
  • Suitable for men and women, straight hair or curly hair, blond hair or black hair, especially oily hair, sensitive muscles should be used with caution
  • Softens every hair root of your hair, make your hair bag lasting luster, smoother, more elastic, natural and beautiful


Step 1: Wash the hair with our SKINMENU Sea Salt Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and dry your hair. After wetting your hair, apply proper amount to the hands and gently massage until it foams well, massage the scalp for 3-5 minutes, and then wash it with vlean water. Use 2-3 times a month. The sea salt shampoo will effectively clean your scalp, reduce dandruff, relax and refresh, and keep your hair fresh and soft.

Step 2: Evenly spray the SKINMENU Hair Growth Spray to the roots of your hair, twice a day (morning and evening). Spray 1ML at a go (that is, 5-6 sprays) and increase or reduce the dosage based on specific conditions. Gently massage the scalp with your fingers to fully absorb the hair spray. 

Step 3: Quickly apply one of our Hair Growth Ginger Massage Oils and massage your hair and scalp with it. You can either use the LANSIYI Hair Growth Ginger Massage Oil, CLOTHES OF SKIN Hair Growth Ginger Massage Oil, or the VIAVIC Hair Growth Ginger Massage Oil. Any of the hair oils can the job. Then leave it for hours before doing anything to your hair.

Step 4: Wash your hair regularly with our SKINMENU Hair Shine Black Soap while having your bath. It will help your hair grow faster and darker, and keep your scalp clean and free from dandruff.

Sea Salt Anti-Dandruff Shampoo | Hair Care Shampoo

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