• Lower cholesterol
  • Suppress appetite
  • Boost metabolism
  • Help in weight loss
  • Detoxify the belly
  • Calm the mind
  • Lower blood sugar
  • Improve skin health
  • Boost immune system
  • Boost mental concentration

Organic Matcha is a premium green tea powder that can deliver mega doses of antioxidants into your body and has more antioxidants than any other ‘superfood’. Matcha powder, which is an affordable way to add a delicious, healthy boost to smoothies, lattes, baked goods, and other dishes, is rich in nutrients, antioxidants, fiber and chlorophyll. The health benefits of matcha powder exceed those of green teas because matcha drinkers ingest the whole leaf and one glass of matcha is the equivalent of 10 glasses of green tea in terms of nutritional value and antioxidant content. Order yours now!


1. As An Ingredient: Our ingredient-grade matcha powder can be added to your cooking, baking and drink-making recipes. It is stronger in taste and will hold up to sweeteners and other ingredients. Experiment with adding some of it to your yogurt shakes, milk drinks and cocktails. Use a blender to properly mix it with things like yogurt and ice cream. Use an electric whisk for milk drinks and cocktails. 

2. For Tea: Pour one spoon of matcha powder in an empty cup, add few drops of hot water, mix into paste with a spoon, mix until smooth and no lumps remain, add more hot water to the paste mixture, stir well, and enjoy your cup of matcha tea. You can also add honey to taste. Sediment at the bottom of your cup is normal.

Organic Matcha Tea Powder | Immune Booster Tea Powder

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