• Invisible and effective screen protector
  • Protect your screen against breakage and scratches
  • Has 9H hardness and ultra-high scratch protection
  • Suitable for all glass surfaces
  • Has anti-bacterial, anti-bubble and surface abrasion effects
  • Has water resistant (hydrophobic) and oil resistant (oleophobic) properties
  • Has 98% light transmittance
  • Has high-degree smoothness and reduces fingerprint stains on your phone
  • Does not affect your screen touch functionality

Do you want to prevent your mobile phone screen from breaking or scratching? Our nano liquid protective film is a unique high-performance protection product. It penetrates into the pores of the product (your mobile phone screen) and fuses with the molecules of the glass to form a hard and long-lasting glass protective layer. The protective layer not only protects your phone screen from scratch, dirt, salt, air and other harmful substance, it also produces a perfect crystal, transparent, nice sensitive touch and ultra-smooth feel. Order yours now!


  • Nano particles have high 9H hardness and wear resistance features
  • Greatly enhance the brightness of your phone screen
  • Nano inorganic ingredients can penetrate into your mobile phone screen to form a dense protective film from the inside to the outside
  • Prevents bacteria and impuritues from attacking your mobile phone screen
  • Makes it easy to clean your phone screen and has long lasting protection effect
  • Maintains your phone screen touch sensitivity
  • You can use our 2ML for 2-3 phones. Just 2-3 drops at a time. It's highly condensed


1. Use the wet wipes (No.1) to thoroughly clean the screen.

2. Apply the nano liquid on the screen.

3. Use the dry tissue (No.2) to spread the nano liquid all across the screen before it dries.

4. After 5minutes, use clean tissue to wipe out any remnant of the nano liquid and clean the screen.

Nano Invisible Liquid Screen Protector | Anti-Scratch Nano Liquid Glass Screen Protector

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