Multifunctional Magnetic Phone Holder | Laptop Extension Phone Holder

  • Can be used at home, in your office, or  while on a business trip
  • Fits all kind of flat computer or laptop and helps you enjoy dual screen at the same time
  • The dual monitor mount is small, solid, and the lightweight shape makes it easy to carry around or use while traveling
  • This side-mount magnetic clip can clamp most tablets and smartphones to give you multi-display computing experience
  • Does not obstruct your laptop screen or charging port when in use
  • Ideal if you want to extendyour screen, increase your productivity, and multitask at home, in the office, or on the go
  • Material: Aluminum alloy (Metal)


This dual monitor stand is easy to install. Remove the protective film from it, fix the magnet bracket to the laptop for the first time, and just put your phone or tablets on the other magnetic end whenever you want to use it.