This hand cream is highly effective in smoothening and softening the hands or palms. It's made from natural horse oil and has a very nice smell. Order yours now!

  • Softens the palms
  • Smoothens the palms
  • Revives the skin around your palms


1. Take an appropriate amount of hand cream to apply on the hands after clean them.

2. Gently massage both sides of the fingers including the finger joints as it could fade out the fine lines and promote blood circulation.

3. Gently massage the acupuncture points on your hands to relieve it of stress and massage your hand muscles until your skin fully absorbs the cream.


1. Our skins react differently to different skincare or beauty products. If this product is causing any discomfort or negative reaction on your skin, please stop use immediately and consult a skin care professional.

2. Please store in cool and dry places, keep away from children, and avoid misuse.

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