• Stop vaginal itching
  • Eliminate vaginal odor
  • Cure vaginal infections
  • Relieve menstrual pains
  • Relieve postpartum pains
  • Improve fertility conditions
  • Enhance hormonal balance
  • Treat gynecological diseases 

Are you suffering from any gynecological-related disease or discomfort? Our Vaginal Steaming Herbs is a very powerful and highly effective product that has been tried and tested to cure various gynecological-related diseases. It contains natural herbs and flowers that can detox your vagina, improve your uterus, boost your ovary, regulate your menstrual cycle, eliminate any vaginal odor, stop vaginal itching, and improve your fertility conditions. Order yours now and enhance your feminine wellness.

  • Has been used hundreds of years ago to treat various vaginal infections
  • Can be used for vaginal steaming and hip bath
  • Specially produced for Ginax Store and with quality ingredients
  • Main Ingredients: Rosemary, Yarrow Leaf, Calendula Flower, Red Rose Petal, Mugwort, Red Raspberry, Motherwort, Plantain


For Steaming: Use one pack once and use a different pack each day for 2-3days. For one full course, you will need 10 bags as treatment.

For Tubbing: Use one pack once and use a different pack each day for 2-3days. For one full course, you will need 10 bags as treatment.

Step 1: Put a steam bag into an already boiled and very hot water and leave it for 10 minutes before squeezing and removing the bag.

Step 2: Pour the steam water into the basin or steam bath, sit on it for 10-20 minutes to steam your vagina. When the water is warm, wash your vagina with it for 10 minutes while still sitting on the basin. Do not do the washing when the water is hot to avoid burns.

Step 3: Your vulva can be washed (not steamed) with yoni steam water a week after childbirth. Steaming and a hip bath can be done when lochia is discharged completely in a month.

Step 4: It can be used for daily cleaning and feminine hygiene or for the treatment of usual gynecological diseases.


1. For external use only. Do NOT drink it.

2. Do NOT use the product while you're pregnannt or menstruating, and it's not ideal for children or people who are suffering from hypertension, heart disease, excessive hunger, or overexertion.

3. Please pay attention to prevent burns when steaming. All tools should be firm and secure, the heat source should be reasonable, and the medicine should not touch the skin.

4. Do not use this herbs if you are allergic to Chinese traditional medicines and plants. For the older and weaker ones, the steaming or fumigation time should not be too long. When fumigating, family members are required to accompany.

5. The fumigation or steaming bath equipment should be disinfected with hot water before and after use.

6. During the treatment, food intake such as spicy, greasy and sweet foods should be properly controlled.

7. You can use one pack of steam herb only once, can not be reused. If you feel unwell during use, stop immediately.

Vaginal Steaming Detox Herbs (50grams) | Yoni Detox Herbs

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