Arm Trimmer (2pieces) | Hot Arm Shaper


Looking to slim and tone your arms? Our Arm Trimmer helps increase sweat around your arms so you can burn fat quickly and get the most out of your workout. It will help your arms sweat like crazy, burn fats fast, eliminate sagging of the upper arm, and avoid you from getting Christian mother arms. It also comes in 2 pieces. Start shaping your arms now!

  • Made with high grade latex free neoprene for ultimate thermal insulation and double stitched for superior durability
  • Made with an inner nano anti-slip grid that repel moisture and eliminate slipping or rolling during your workout
  • Each Trimmer comes with a left and right piece that are designed to contour and flex around your thigh creating the perfect fit for your shape and size
  • The neoprene material creates a "sauna" effect that will help you burn more calories and fat around the arms
  • Provides adjustable athletic support to your arms
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Specification: 14 x 42cm
  • Size: One size fit all
  • Packing: Two in one