Chebe Hair Treatment is one of the most popular and very effective hair growth treatment in Nigeria. It comes in a set that contains chebe hair cream, chebe powder, and karkar oil. Order yous now!

  • Helps your hair to grow longer, fuller, darker and softer
  • Treats and prevents dandruff from growing on the half scalp
  • Penetrates and strengthens your hair root
  • Neutralizes the pH of the hair shaft and scalp


1. Wet the hair with warm water.

2. Mix 2 or 3 spoons of the chebe powder with the required amount of karkar oil and your favorite hair cream.

3. Apply the mixture on your hair and thoroughly massage gently.

4. Braid your hair and apply either the karkar oil or the chebe hair cream on your braided hair.

5. Repeat the procedure once a week or once in two weeks depending on your schedule or goals.


1. Wet your hair with warm water.

2. Mix the chebe powder with 1 or 2 raw eggs. For full and long hairs, use 2 raw eggs. For scanty hairs, use 1 raw egg. 

3. Apply and thoroughly massage the mixture on your hair.

4. Leave it for 20-30mins. If you want it to dry fast, you can use a hand dryer.

5. Wash your hair with shampoo.

6. Allow the hair to dry and apply the karkar oil or chebe hair cream on it.

7. Braid your hair if needed.


You can use any of the procedures above on virgin and non-virgin hairs.

JUNIX Chebe and Karkar Oil Hair Booster Set | Hair Treatment Solution Set

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