• Relieve breast pain
  • Treat breast lump
  • Treat breast mastitis
  • Treat breast swelling
  • Treat breast fibroadenoma

BANGDELI Breast Patches are very effective in the treatment and prevention of breast lump, breast pain, beast swelling, benign tumors, mastopathy, mastitis, hyperplasia, and mastodynia. The active and natural ingredients in the patch transdermally penetrate the skin and work directly on the focus of the disease. Order yours now!

  • Stimulate blood circulation and increase metabolism in the breast
  • Treat breast lump, breast pain, and breast swelling 
  • Soften the seals and facilitate their resorption
  • Most often, mastopathy occurs as a result of hormonal imbalance, therefore, to enhance the effect, it is recommended to use the plasters simultaneously with BangDeLi pearls (at least 6pearls)
  • Main Ingredients: Chinese herbs extraction, far Infrared magnet


Step 1: Clean the breast with warm water, dry it and apply the plaster on the pain spot. 

Step 2: One plaster can be used for 2-3 days, there should be a pause of 3-5 hours before using the next plaster. 

Step 3: The minimum course is 5 plasters per mammary gland. For best results, 3-4 courses (15-20 plasters) are recommended.


1. For external use only.

2. Don’t use on open wounds or allergic patients.

Breast Pain Relief Patch (1piece/pack) | Breast Lump Plaster | Breast Swelling Relief Patch

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