• Relieve arthritis
  • Relieve joint pain
  • Relieve rheumatism
  • Relieve knee stiffness
  • Relief cervical spondylosis

This Asian herbal oil is very powerful, highly effective, and works fast. It's easily absorbs into the skin and quickly eliminate the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, analgesic swelling, joint pains, bone hyperplasia, frozen shoulder, sciatica, and back pains.


Clean or wash up the affected area. Place or pour the oil directly on the affected area with the bottle point. Do not pour it on your hand and do not use your hand to rub it. Leave it or wait for three minutes and then rub or massage the oil for five minutes, do it two to three times a day.

Arthritis Oil | Rheumatism Oil | Joint Pains Relief Oil

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