This garlic essential oil is highly effective and will help tighten up your buttocks, reduce black lines, enlarge your your buttocks and keep your natural skin balanced. Order yours now!

  • Main Ingredients: Fennel oil, Salvia miltiorrhiza leaf oil, Hydrogenated sweet almond oil, Triglycerides octanoate, Pomelo seed oil


1. Use a hot towel to apply the hip for 1-2 minutes.

2. Apply the product evenly on buttock.

3. One-handed massage to enhance the hip (both hands alternately, about 10 times).

4. Both hands alternately lifted the hip from the bottom up (about 10 times).

5. Two-handed thumb massage alternating massage (about 10 times).

6. Two hands massage alternating to shaped hip (about 10 times).

7. Two hands simultaneously inward and upward lifting hip (about 10 times).

Hip Lifting and Enlargement Oil | Butt Enhancement Serum

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