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Did you know that Maca Root is the hottest remedy for hips and buttocks enlargement? Yes, majority of people take it for other health benefits such as to boost sexual performance, relieve stress and enhance memory; however, many use Maca to achieve bigger butts and wider hips.

If you desired to have a bigger butt, wider hips, well-toned skin and sexy shape, our high-grade Booty Maca Set is for you. It's strictly for women of class who want to look sexy, curvy and sharp all year long, and the ingredients are top quality!

  • Maca is a superfood and not a supplement 
  • Enlarges, firms and lifts the hips and butt
  • Great for increasing stamina and boosting your energy levels 
  • Tones the skin in the hips and butt area, prevents stretch marks and promotes skin elasticity
  • Works very well to support a healthy, regular menstrual cycle
  • Ingredients: Maca Root, Black Maca, Aguaje, Fenugreek, Tribulus, Dong Quai Extract
  • Content: Booty Maca Cream, Oil Serum, and Capsule


1. Maca is a native Peruvian root vegetable that has been used for centuries to promote health and balance hormone levels, helping women with conditions like PMS, PCOS and oestrogen dominance, as well as improve fertility, libido and stress management. 

Maca is a natural "anabolic" food. Anabolic foods have unique compounds that are beneficial for building muscles or muscle fibers. The butt contains the largest muscles in the body - the gluteus maximus. So when you consume Maca on a daily basis and combine it with regular exercises that are focused on the buttock and hips area, you'll end up getting bigger butts and wider hips.

They are foods that can help make your butt bigger and rounder, and the buttocks is the body’s largest muscle. Of course, you will only achieve great results (wider hips and bigger butts) if you exercise your hip and butt muscles on a daily or regular basis. 

Due to Maca’s ability to help balance hormones, it often has a positive effect on skin tone. This can include reducing hormone-related acne, fighting against stretch marks, as well as improving the skin elasticity.

2. Black Maca is the rarest variety of Maca and provides the most antioxidants out of the three varieties. It's known to increase libido, build muscle fibers, and promote stronger bones. Clinical studies have shown black maca to be the most effective for improving memory function, learning and brain clarity, as well as improving athletic performance.

Studies have shown that Red and Black Maca were found to be the best at improving and protecting bone structure. It also increases bone strength and density.

3. Aguaje, also known as Buriti, has been commonly named "The Curvy Fruit" because of its high content of natural phytoestrogens that helps to shape and define the woman body, and enhances curves. Aguaje can potentially help create a bigger, rounder butt and can potentially increase breast size. To optimize your results, combine it with Maca on a daily basis, along with workout sessions!

Aguaje is a fruit that grows in the tropical Peruvian Amazonas region. It’s covered in brown, shiny scales. Underneath the scales is vibrant yellow flesh and a hard nut at the center. Its high electrolyte content and antioxidants can slow down the effects of aging on the skin by reducing wrinkles and fine lines. It also supports women's hormonal system, and symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes.

4. Fenugreek seed is a natural remedy for increasing the hip size. It contains the plant form of estrogen, the female hormone responsible for enhancing curves.

Fenugreek is a versatile plant of the soy family, used worldwide as a herb and spice for food, and a therapeutic agent in traditional medicine. It has several health benefits some of which include its ability to relieve dysmenorrhea (painful menstrual periods), improve sex drive and stamina in women by increasing levels of the hormone estrogen, reduce weight by promoting satiety and controlling hunger, promote skin and hair health (aiding in the treatment of skin conditions such as eczema as well as hair loss in women), regulate blood sugar levels, and increase breast milk production in nursing mothers.

5. Tribulus Terrestris is a flowering plant that can boost energy levels, enhance sexual desire, relieve stress, relax mood, regulate blood cholesterol levels, reduce blood sugar, and help protect the urinary tract (encourages urine flow, which helps with cleansing the kidneys, bladder, liver, and urethra). It has long been a part of herbal medicine due to its reputation as a wellness booster and it supports healthy female hormonal balance during menopause.

6. Dong Quai Extract, commonly known as Angelica Sinensis or Female Ginseng, is great at balancing the female hormones.


1. Look for someone who can help massage your hips and butt area if you want to get the best results out of the oil. If you massage it by yourself, you won't do it properly and it might affect the results you will get.

2. Have your bath or wash your hip and buttocks area. Apply some quantity of the oil on the buttocks and use it to properly massage the hip and buttocks area. Massage it in circular motions for 60-90 seconds so it can be fully absorbed.

3. For maximum results, use the oil to massage your hip and buttocks area twice a day (morning and night), and continuously (non-stop) for 8 months.

4. Rub the cream on your hips and buttocks area after the oil massage and do final massage with the cream. 

5. Take the capsule at night, one capsule a day.


For better and faster results, we recommend you do regular hips and butt exercises such as squat exercises if you're consuming any of our butt enhancing supplements or using any of our butt enhancing products. The exercise is very important if you really want to get that desired shape and curves fast, and do the exercise regularly.

1. Before hitting the gym or doing any exercise, use the oil to properly massage your hip and buttocks area.

2. After you're done with the exercise, take your bath and then apply the cream on your hips and buttocks area. You can rub the cream by yourself and do a little massage with it if you wish.

3. For the capsule, take one at night or before going to bed. It will give you an energy boost for your morning exercises, balance your hormones and increase the muscle growth in your hips and buttocks area.


Q: Will the supplement work if I don't exercise?

A: It's like asking, will I be healthy if I eat good foods regularly and don't exercise? Exercise or not, the food will do its work in your body. However, we all know the importance of exercise when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. We also know the importance of certain exercises when it comes to actively building a muscle mass and enlarging your hips and buttocks is like building muscle mass in those areas. 


1. Remember, when you are trying to make your butt bigger and your hip wider naturally, you have to learn patience. To build bigger butt and wider hips, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication - Regular exercises. You will not see results overnight but it also won’t take a long time before you start seeing a difference either. You can expect to start seeing results within 4 weeks from starting your program.

2. We have the Hip Resistance Bands in stock and you can use it to do some of the exercises at home or in the gym. We have also attached an image (in the photos section) that will show you some of the exercises you need to do.

3. Maca is a superfood and not a supplement. When you take pure, certified organic Maca, you are eating a food that has been cultivated and used by many people for thousands of years.

4. Maca is low in calories and fat. That means, Maca will not add fat to your body but it will instead help build your muscle fibers.

5. Since the butt contains the largest muscles in the body (the gluteus maximus), it follows that a consciously designed exercise program combined with Maca root will help you gain a bigger butt.

6. One of the many benefits of Maca is that it helps balance hormones. That means that it supports a healthy level of estrogen, which is clearly related to enhancing female curves.

7. If you’re serious about using Maca for curves, you’re going to have to put in some work. The great thing is that Maca will help you do that work because it will boost your energy, stamina and endurance.

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