Thanks for your interest in buying wholesale or bulk orders from us! Please take note of the following information below (must read):

1. Please note that NOT all items listed on the site are available for wholesale or bulk orders. That is, some items that are listed on the site are not available for wholesale or bulk orders. To know the items that are available for wholesale orders, message us on WhatsApp (0905 698 5101).

2. Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) for a single wholesale order is 10 pieces, same or mixed items. For huge bulk orders, message us on WhatsApp.

3. We do NOT accept or process payment on delivery (POD) requests. If you wish to see your items before making payments, you can come and see them at our physical store in Surulere and pay cash or do transfer there. You can as well send someone or a delivery agent to our physical store (see address below).

4. We do NOT mix retail orders with wholesale orders even though they can be shipped under one delivery fee, if requested. That is, you will have to book your retail orders online and your wholesale orders on WhatsApp (see MOQ above), and we will treat them separately. Then we can package all the items together for you and ship them under one delivery fee.

5. We deliver fast nationwide and will inform you of the transport or logistics company used. We will also send you the waybill or driver's number once the delivery is processed and you will pick up your parcel at the selected or nearest park or from the driver, respectively.

6. You can book your wholesale orders on WhatsApp and request to pick up at our store in Surulere (see address below). If you chose to pick up in-store, you don't need to pay any delivery fee to us. You can also send someone or a delivery agent to pick up for you. 

7. Our wholesale and retail prices are non-negotiable. If there's any special discount, one-time offer, or sales promo for retail orders, it will be indicated or shown on the site 


Name: Ginax Store

Address: 257, Ijesha road, close to new NEPA office, Ijesha bus stop, Ijeshatedo, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.


You can place both your wholesale orders on WhatsApp. Please note that the minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 10 pieces per wholesale order, same or mixed items.

Step 1: Browse through our products catalogcollection list, or use the search button to quickly search for products in the store. As you browse through our products, make sure you write down or take screenshots of the items you want to book.

Step 2: Send your full name and order list on WhatsApp at 0905 698 5101. Please save the number as "Ginax Store" in your phone. Your order list should contain names or screenshots of the items you want to book, the quantity you need for each item, and your preferred size, color or design, if necessary. One of our sales rep on WhatsApp will confirm your list and send the total cost of your order plus other necessary information.

Step 3: You will be asked to confirm your order cost and delivery location, and you will be given different shipping options. Your delivery fee, depending on your shipping option, will then be added to the total cost of your order and our delivery fees are very much affordable.

Step 4: Once we have concluded with your order, it will be forwarded to our fulfillment team who will then package the items and process the delivery. If your order is going outside Lagos State, you will receive the waybill or driver's number on WhatsApp once the delivery is processed.