Ginax Wholesale is for resellers — those who want to buy and sell any of our health, beauty, or fitness items in their physical or online stores. We import in bulk quantities, sell at the most competitive wholesale pricing, ship nationwide fast, accept returns within 30 days, and offer free warehousing services for our customers.

Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 10 pieces per order, same or mixed items. We also offer special discounts if you wish to buy in large quantities such as from 300 pieces and above. 


Step 1: Browse through our list of products or collections and select the items you want to order. You can copy the names of the items you want to book and paste or write them somewhere as you browse through the site. You can also take screenshots or download images of the items you want to book.

Step 2: Send the written order or images of the items you want to book to our wholesale channel on WhatsApp at 07011566010 and we will give you the wholesale price for each item. The delivery fee depends on the volume of your order and location.

Step 3: Once we have given you the total cost, you can make payment via mobile transfer (USSD or mobile app), wire transfer, bank deposit, or cash in-store, and send the screenshot of your payment to our wholesale channel. We will process the shipment of your order once we confirm your payment and all deliveries are managed by Ginax Logistics.

Step 4: If your parcel is going outside Lagos State, we will send you the waybill number, driver's number, or store keeper's number via WhatsApp or text message. Most deliveries within the country usually take 1-3 days, depending on the location. 

For more inquiry or to book your wholesale order, call or message our wholesale channel on WhatsApp at 0701 156 6010.