Start Your Own Business

We offer multiple business options to help you start your own business and capitalize on selling our unique health, beauty and fitness products.

The first option is the wholesale offer whereby you buy our products in bulk at wholesale pricing and resell to your clients or customers for a profit. 

The second option is the drop shipping offer which allows you to sell our products to your customers without keeping inventory.


If you are interested in starting your own health, beauty and/or fitness products business and have the capital to buy in bulk, our wholesale offer is the best option for you. Wholesale gives you the freedom to operate as an independent business, to take control of your inventory and to command higher profits. Our minimum order quantity is 10 pieces per order, same or mixed items. If you are interested in buying in bulk and selling at wholesale or retail prices to your own customers, click here for more details.


Drop shipping is a great option for those who want to start their own businesses but do not have the required capital to buy stock or keep inventory. You will market and sell our products at your own pricing, and we will ship your orders directly to your customers. However, most of our drop shippers tend to convert to wholesale or bulk buyers once they have capital or purchasing power. To start drop shipping with us, you need to first register with a non-refundable fee of 10,000. This fee gives you access to our full drop shipping services and you will enjoy the following benefits: Access to our private Telegram group, access to some unique products that won't be listed in the wholesale store, POD delivery support nationwide, competitive wholesale pricing for all products, fast payout for POD orders, customer care support, and opportunity to network with other drop shippers in the community. You will be provided with the drop shipping price list once you join.

* The drop shopping fee of $50 is a quarterly fee and is required every 3 months to continue receiving Drop Shipping access. There is no contract and you are not legally committed to renew your subscription.

Click here for more details.