The prices listed on the site are wholesale prices and our minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 10 pieces per wholesale order, same or mixed items. Any wholesale order that's below the required MOQ will either be rejected or treated as a retail order (see details belo). You can place your wholesale orders on the site, on WhatsApp, or in our brick-and-mortar store (Surulere preferably), and we deliver nationwide.


If you wish to buy items for personal use, below the required MOQ, or to place a retail order, you can actually do so. The items will be sold to you at our retail prices (which is different and higher than our wholesale prices). Contact us on WhatsApp (07030972415) or visit our store in Surulere (see address below) for our retail prices.

Please do not place your retail orders online instead contact us on WhatsApp or visit our retail store in Surulere for your personal shopping or retail orders.


1. We deliver nationwide, be it retail or wholesale order. You will pay a delivery fee before we will process your shipment.

2. We do not accept payment on delivery (POD) requests and do not sell on credit. You will pay the total cost (cost of items + delivery fee) before we will process your order.

3. If you wish to pick up your order at the store or wish to send a delivery agent, you don't need to pay any delivery fee. Please send your delivery agent to our store in Surulere (see address below). You can also pay cash or do transfer at the store.