Ginax Procurement is a bulk booking service that's based in Lagos, Nigeria, and our procurement service is based only on products listed in Ginax Store. We can help you book any product that's listed in Ginax Store in bulk quantities from our reliable suppliers in China and ship your goods by air (2 weeks duration to Lagos) or by sea (8-10 weeks duration to Lagos), depending on your choice. 

Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 1 carton per product, and the number of pieces in one carton varies from product to another. Once we get your booking inquiry, we tell you how many that's packed in a carton for the requested items. Any booking request that's not up to 1 carton might be rejected. 


    Step 1: Browse through our site and choose the products you want to book in bulk quantities. Remember, we won't accept bulk order request for products that are NOT listed in Ginax Store. 

    Step 2: Inform us of the items you want to book in bulk quantities on WhatsApp (0905 698 5101) and we will tell you the quantities per carton and the prices for each. This price covers the cost price + shipping and clearing fees + our commission or service fee. Please note that the price does NOT cover the local delivery fee in case if you want us to deliver the items to you once they arrive Lagos.

    Step 3: Once the goods arrive in Lagos, we will inform you and you will pick up your parcel at our retail store in Surulere if shipped by air or at our warehouse in Tradefair if shipped by sea. You can also request for local delivery and which of course will attract a local delivery fee.

    To request for our bulk booking services, follow the steps above and message us on WhatsApp at 0905 698 5101