Ginax Logistics

Ginax Logistics, which is owned by Ginax Integrated Services Limited, offers a fast, efficient, reliable, and affordable pick up and delivery service in Lagos, including payment on delivery (POD) support within the state. We can deliver to your customers and clients within and around Lagos in the shortest possible time, help collect payments on delivery, and process returns. We charge ₦1000-2000 per delivery, depending on the pick up to drop off distance. 

Ginax Logistics manages all the shipping and delivery in Ginax Store. We have partnered with some logistics companies to efficiently deliver parcels to our customers within and outside the country. We also offer payment on delivery (POD) support to our drop shippers and process returns.

Ginax Logistics Bike


Our logistics services will be available online and offline in Lagos and will feature:

 Fast and efficient pick up and delivery services in Lagos

✅ Same day deliveries on parcels picked up before noon

✅ Payment on delivery (POD) support, including fast remittance

✅ Safety and security of items, including paying for damaged items

✅ We charge ₦1000-2000 for deliveries within Lagos

✅ Enjoy delivery for as low as ₦800 if you have bulk orders per day

✅ Our delivery agents are professionals and customer friendly

✅ FREE deliveries within Lagos on prepaid RETAIL orders over ₦9,999

✅ You can drop off your parcels at our retail stores in Surulere and Ojo (click here to see our store locations)


1. Do you offer same day delivery and payment on delivery services? Yes, for parcels picked up before noon, we can deliver same day within Lagos. We also offer payment on delivery (POD) support for orders within Lagos. We will remit the payment collected to your bank account.

2. Do you offer warehousing service? Yes, but our warehousing service is only available for items bought from Ginax Store. Click here for more details!

3. What are your damaged/return/insurance policies for orders? We do NOT accept delivery requests for consumables, liquids, fragile or sensitive items that can easily get damaged. If however, any item gets damaged due to our own fault and not via natural disasters, we will pay for it or replace it. For failed deliveries, we will try to process them for a second time and if the receiver is not ready to pick up, we will return the item back to you at no extra cost.

4. Where are the coverage areas for your deliveries? Our delivery bikes operate in Lagos State only.

5. What is your service charge per delivery? We charge ₦1000-2000 for deliveries within Lagos, depending on the pick up to drop off location. We can also deliver a parcel for as low as ₦800 if you have volume/bulk orders per day.

6. How long does it take for orders to be processed and delivered? For parcels picked up before noon, we can deliver them same day within Lagos. If it's not possible, they will be delivered in the morning of the following day. 

7. What shipping (delivery) methods do you offer and do you provide tracking numbers? We use our bikes to pick ups and deliveries within Lagos and we do not offer tracking numbers. If you want to know the status of your delivery, message us on WhatsApp at 07011566010 or 09056985101.

8. How do I place a request for your services? Send the pick up and drop off locations to us on WhatsApp (07011566010 or 09056985101) and we will update you on the possibility of your delivery and the delivery fee. Please make sure your information contains the name, number, and complete address of both the sender and receiver, and if we will receive any payment from the receiver, indicate it too plus other important notes.