Ginax Crypto is for importers and ecommerce entrepreneurs who want to discover how to blend their full-time importation or ecommerce business with part-time cryptocurrency (spots) trading and multiply their streams of income.

You can conveniently and profitably combine your importation or ecommerce business with cryptocurrency (spots) trading if you have the right knowledge or are guided by the right mentor. 

Here's what I do...

When the market is bearish, my ecommerce business provides me with the necessary capital to take advantage of certain dips at different points in time. I also do dollar-cost averaging on some strong coins with good fundamentals. Whenever the market starts to recover or becomes bullish, I will start taking profits from some of those coins I bought during the dip and I will reinvest most of the profits in my ecommerce business and other projects. With this combination formula, I'm always busy trading (buying or selling) irrespective of the direction of the crypto market. 

Crypto + Ecomm


Whenever the crypto market recovers, becomes lively, and starts pumping well again, it will give you some profits on the dips you bought. Take some of those profits from time to time (as the market keeps pumping), reinvest them in your ecommerce business, and wait for the next dip or bearish market.

If you can combine this very well, you will enjoy the best of your ecommerce business and the crypto market. Stay tuned for more details on how you can join me!


√ Research on 3-10 hot coins that have the potential to pump well within a short period of time.

√ Take some capital from your ecommerce business and place your entry (buy) and exit (sell) positions on each of those coins. You can use 1 or 2 centralized exchanges.

√ Face your ecommerce business while still researching for other coins and monitoring the market once in a while. Remember, we do ecommerce full-time and spots trading part-time.

√ Once one of your trading clicks, take the profit and reinvest it in your ecommerce business. Then use the initial capital to open another (new) trade and it can be on another different coin.

√ No trading formula is fixed, so do some tweaking where and when necessary as it's a volatile market.

√ Rinse and repeat, and crypto can give you the money you need to import your first or next container if you learn well, research well and have some patients.

With the way the dollar is rising, trading cryptocurrencies means you will always have some crypto dollars to take advantage of the rising rates.


In Ginax Crypto, we invest or put more capital in our ecommerce business (more stable, less risk) than in our cryptocurrency trading (less stable, more risk).

However, the more knowledge and experience you gain in trading cryptocurrencies, the lesser the risk. Same with ecommerce.

You have greater control with your ecommerce business than with your cryptocurrency trading. In ecommerce, you can dictate the price you wish to sell a product if you're good with marketing and sales. In cryptocurrency, you have less control on the price and the price movements of most coins. So you should always have more capital in what you can control and less capital in what you can't control.