We offer two business options to help you start your own business and capitalize on selling our unique health, beauty and fitness products. The two options are wholesale and drop shipping, and each has its own pros and cons but we will focus on drop shipping on this page.

Drop shipping offers you the opportunity to start your own eCommerce business and sell our health, beauty and/or fitness products to your customers without keeping inventory, worrying about logistics, thinking about POD or stressing yourself with returns. All you need do is just market and sell our unique health, beauty and/or fitness products online and we will fulfill the orders, process the deliveries and pay your profits into your local bank account. You market and sell, we take care of the rest.

Join us and become a Ginax Drop Shipper today! You will also be invited to our private WhatsApp and Facebook groups where you can learn more and network with other eCommerce entrepreneurs in the different communities.

Our mission is to make it easy for you to start your own eCommerce business in Nigeria and help you achieve great success online. We want to help raise lots of successful eCommerce entrepreneurs in Nigeria and make an impact in reducing the unemployment rate in the country.

Our vision is to make eCommerce business simple, easy and highly profitable in Nigeria.


1. Zero Monthly Fee: We do not charge any monthly fee and you can start drop shipping our products right now. 

2. No Stocking Required & Save Money on Operational Costs: You do not need to stock our products or keep inventory before starting your own eCommerce business. And that means the money you would have spent on buying and keeping stocks, renting a store or warehouse, and paying utility bills for your store or warehouse can be diverted to your sales and marketing budget.

3. POD and Refunds Enabled: Your customers can make cash or mobile transfer payments on delivery across the country. Please note that you or your customer will pay the delivery fee before we will process the order and then the balance (cost of items) will be paid on delivery. We also offer a 30-day money back guarantee and easy returns.

4. Fast Deliveries Nationwide: We offer fast and efficient deliveries nationwide, including home deliveries. We are also working on launching our logistics service business very soon for home deliveries within Lagos and close environs, and most orders received before 11:00AM will be delivered same day within Lagos. Please note that home or doorstep deliveries outside Lagos will attract additional costs.

5. Winning Products at Wholesale Prices: We constantly research for new, trendy and hot-selling products that fall into any of our main product categories (health, beauty, fitness and kitchen accessories). We import in bulk and that allows to sell at the most competitive wholesale pricing in Nigeria. Our prices are far cheaper than what you will get from AliExpress, Amazon or any of the local stores, and that allows you to control high profit margins on our products. You will also see the wholesale prices for our products in the online store and there's no minimum order quantity.

6. Payouts on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays: To offer efficient and organized drop shipping services, we will now be paying out on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays only. We will deduct #100 fee per transaction and your profits will be transferred or deposited into your local bank account. 

7. Non-Delivery Report Management: If there's any delays in delivering your order or if the customer refuses to pick up or accept the order, we will inform you about it and will plan our next move based on your feedback.

8. Place Orders Online or via WhatsApp: You can place orders online at GinaxWholesale.com or via WhatsApp or even via text message. You can also call to inform us of your new orders.

9. Focus on Your Marketing and Scaling: Do what you should be doing to grow your eCommerce business while we look after everything else for you. 

10. Active and Supportive Online Community: We have created active communities on Facebook and WhatsApp. Once you create your customer account, you will be invited to join our Facebook and WhatsApp groups. The culture, interactions and valuable information in the community will help you excel.

11. Marketing Materials in Text, Photos & Videos: We will provide you with marketing materials that you will use to promote our products online. Our marketing materials will come in the text, photo and video formats.

12. Branded Packaging: If you have any branded packaging materials such as nylon bags, envelopes, cartons, etc, you can send them to us and we will use them in packaging any of your orders. This will make your eCommerce business to stand out and look more authentic to your customers.


STEP 1: Create a FREE customer account so you can quickly and easily place orders online. We also accept orders via WhatsApp and text message.

STEP 2: Select as many items as you want from our online wholesale store and add them to your eCommersite sites and/or social media channels. We can also help you create a professional Shopify store ($29/month for hosting) for your eCommerce business, add selected products to your store, fulfill your orders, process deliveries nationwide, and manage your online store. Contact us for more details.

STEP 3: Start marketing and driving traffic to your eCommerce sites and whenever you make any sales, send the order to us (put the receiver's details in the shipping section if you're ordering online), pay the delivery fee or full cost of the order, update us on WhatsApp after making payment, and we will take care of the rest. If your store is one of the online stores we are managing, we will quickly fulfill your orders as they come in.

STEP 4: Once the delivery is done, we will inform you and credit your account on Tuesday or Friday if it's a POD order. We will deduct a bank commission of 100 per transfer and update you after making payment.

STEP 5: Repeat the process starting from step 2 and scale your eCommerce business to the next level. We will help you achieve success in your online business.


We accept payments via mobile transfer, wire transfer, bank deposit, cash in-store, or cash on delivery. However, for POD orders, you or your customer will pay the agreed delivery fee before we will process the order and then you or your customer will pay the balance (total cost of items) on delivery. Failure to pay the delivery fee for POD orders means your order will NOT be processed. You can contact us for our local bank account details.


We do ship or deliver parcels in 4 different ways and if it's a POD order, you will pay the agreed delivery fee before we will process the order and then pay the balance (total cost of items) on delivery. So here are the 4 ways:

1. Home or Doorstep Delivery: When it comes to POD (pay on delivery) orders, home or doorstep deliveries are processed faster and better by private delivery agents, and we have partnered with some reliable agents across the country. Our agent will quickly pick up the parcel from the motor park and deliver direct to your customer's doorstep. Our doorstep delivery fees via private agents start from ₦2500 for deliveries going outside Lagos State (2-4 days delivery, depending on the location) and starts from ₦1000 for deliveries going within Lagos State (same or next day delivery). Please note that deliveries going to some areas such as Ikorodu, Ojodu Berger, Ajah, Iba, Apapa, Abule Egba, Ikotun, and Igando start from ₦1500.

2. Pick Up from an Agent: You can request that you or your customer pick up the parcel from one of our private agents in your area. That is, the parcel will not be delivered to you or your customer's doorstep but to the private agent's store, office or warehouse, and you or your customer will go there to pick up. If it's a POD order, you will either pay cash or do mobile transfer there before the parcel will be released. See our delivery fees if you want to pick up from an agent:

Lagos: It's free. Just request to pick up at any of our retail stores in Lagos (Surulere and Ojo). Please note that most of our health, beauty and fitness products are in the Surulere store.

South West States (except Lagos): Starts from ₦2000.

South South and South East States: Starts from ₦2000.

North and North Central States: Starts from ₦2500. Abuja starts from ₦1500.

3. Pick Up at the Motor Park (For fully paid orders only): You can request to pick up at the motor park or from the driver if you have fully paid for the order (total cost of items + delivery fee). Once the delivery is processed, we will send you the name of the transport company used plus the waybill or driver's number for pick up, and you will forward the details to your customer if it's a drop shipping order. Please note that POD orders or orders that have not been fully paid for will either be processed as doorstep delivery (see option 1) or pick up from an agent (see option 2). See our delivery fees if you want to pick up at the motor park.

Ibadan: Starts from ₦1000. 

South West States (except Ibadan): Starts from ₦1500.

South South and South East States: Starts from ₦1500.

North and North Central States: Starts from ₦2000. Abuja starts from ₦1500.

4. Order Fulfillment via GIG Logistics (GIG Motors): You can request that we process yours or your customer's POD or prepaid order via GIG Logistics and the parcel will be picked up at the closest or selected GIG motors park in 2-4 days, depending on the location. You can also request we use GIG Logistics to process home deliveries for orders going to Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Benin, Onitsha, Asaba, PH, Abeokuta, Osogbo, Akure, Ilorin, Kaduna, Kano, Warri, Abakiliki, Owerri, and Enugu, but please note that orders going to some locations won't be delivered as fast as when we use our private delivery agents (see option 1). We will give you the waybill number after processing the order and you or your customer can track the shipment online. If it's a POD order, there will be some delays in paying you as it do take up to a week for us to receive POD payments from GIG Logistics and we will deduct a 4% commission fee from the total POD amount. See our delivery fees for GIG Logistics below:

Lagos: Starts from ₦1000. 0-2 days.

South West States (except Lagos): Starts from ₦1500. 2-3 days.

South South and South East States: Starts from ₦2500. 2-4 days.

North and North Central States: Starts from ₦2500. 2-4 days.


Please click the links below and read our policies before drop shipping with us. Drop shipping with us means you have agreed to and accepted our terms and policies:

1. Read our refund policy.

2. Read our shipping policy.

3. Read our privacy policy.

4. Read our terms of service.

If you need help or have any questions, feel free to call +234 701 156 6010 or chat with us live on WhatsApp or send an email to support@ginaxwholesale.com.