We can help you book any herbal supplement, such herbal teas, capsules, tablets and gummies, that's listed in Ginax Store in bulk quantities from our reliable suppliers in China and ship them by air (2-3 weeks duration) or sea (8-10 weeks duration), depending on your choice. This service is limited to herbal supplements that are currently listed in Ginax Store.

Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 1 carton per supplement, and the number of pieces in 1 carton vary from item to another. Once you contact us, we tell you how many that's packed in a carton for the requested items. Any booking request that's not up to 1 carton might be rejected. You will also pay a 10% service fee which is 10% of the total cost of your order (excluding the shipping fees).


The 10% service fee covers:

  • Our charge for the professional service
  • Bank/wire transfer charges to send your money to our international supplier
  • The delivery fee to transport your goods/parcels from the shipping agent's warehouse to our own warehouse or packing store
  • 7 days packing/warehousing fee


Step 1: Browse through our site and choose the herbal supplement (teas or capsules) you want to book. Remember, we won't accept bulk order request for herbal supplements that are NOT listed in Ginax Store.

Step 2: Let us know the quantity you want to book for each herbal supplement on WhatsApp (0905 698 5101) and if your bulk order request is accepted on any item, we will inform you of the price of the item(s) in Nigerian naira. This price does NOT cover the shipping or local delivery fee for your items and it expires after 48 hours as the USD and RMB exchange rates are not fixed.

Step 3: We will calculate the total cost of your order plus the 10% service fee and inform you of the total amount you should deposit in our account. Once we confirm your payment, we will book your order within 3 days.

Step 4: We will inform you of the estimated (not actual as dollar rate changes) shipping fee for each item, depending on your shipping choice (either by air or sea). The estimated rate will help guide on how much you should be saving for your total shipping fee. You are expected to have some money saved that will be used to pay for your total shipping fees before the goods arrive.

NOTE: Shipping fees = Shipping fee + Clearing fee. It doesn't cover local delivery fee. The actual shipping fee will be communicated to you via WhatsApp once the goods arrive. It could be a little bit more, a little bit less or equal to the estimated shipping fee.

Step 5: Once the goods arrive in Lagos, we will inform you of the total shipping fee on WhatsApp and we do NOT accept late payment of shipping fees. You are expected to pay your shipping fees within 7 days of being notified and you can pick up your parcel at either our retail store in Surulere if shipped by air or at our warehouse in Tradefair if shipped by sea. You can also request for delivery and which of course will attract a local delivery fee.

Step 6: If we do NOT receive your shipping fees within 7 days, you RISK losing your order and the refund (initial amount paid excluding/minus the 10% service fee) will only be paid after your order has been sold.

To request for our bulk booking services, follow the steps above and message us on WhatsApp at 0905 698 5101