Ginax Integrated Services Limited (GISL) is a registered company (RC 1714594) that owns and manages the Ginax Stores (Ginax Wholesale Store and Ginax Retail Store), Ginax Services, and Ginax Group. We focus on creating and integrating unique services that will lead to more customer satisfaction and business expansion.

GISL is owned by Jerry Ihejirika, a highly sought-after coach, mentor and consultant in the importation and ecommerce business niche. Jerry has over 10 years experience in the importation business and over 3 years experience in the ecommerce business. He's also the founder of the Ginax Group on Facebook (over 11,000 members) and loves to invest in real estate, stocks market, cryptocurrencies, and in other businesses he finds amazing.

You can connect with Jerry on FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestGoogle+InstagramQuora, and Medium.