• Longer erection
  • Sex enhancement
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Improve kidney function

This herbal supplement is specially designed to enhance men's sexual libido, treat premature ejaculation, boost kidney performance, and enhance sex performance. It lives up to its name by allowing your body to relax and encouraging blood flow into the penis to give you and your partner a truly satisfying experience. Arousal can be achieved much easier and you can stay in the pleasure zone for longer than you have done before.


Multiple lovemaking sessions can be possible and you can also blend it with either our Men Power Energy Coffee for more sexual performance and satisfaction. Use one of the coffees, don't combine both.


If you also want to boost your sperm quality and motility, so as to get your partner pregnant, we recommend you take this capsule together with our Male Fertility Tea or Men Fertility Tablet. This combination will boost your testosterone and reproductive system.

  • Enhances your sexual vitality
  • Treats premature ejaculation
  • Nourishes the prostate gland
  • Ingredients: Oyster, Ginseng (artificial culture), Epimedium, Dodder seed, Chinese Yam, Huangjing, Woodberry
  • Specification: 0.5g × 30 capsules


Take one capsule once a day. Drink about 150ML of water.

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