How To Look Younger And Healthier Than Your Peers

How To Look Younger And Healthier Than Your Peers

Have you noticed that if two people of the same age walk together, the one who looks younger and healthier will often become the object of envy from the old and unhealthy looking ones? Yes, of course!

There are foods that act as human aging agents so to look younger and healthier than most of your agemates, you need to eat less of those types of foods!

Here are some of them:

High Sugar: Moderate consumption of sugar does not cause harm to the human body, but excessive or high intake of sugar diet or drinks can cause "glycosylation" reaction which in turn will gradually relax your skin. After the skin's stratum corneum is saccharified (due to high sugar present in the system), the skin's moisturizing ability will decrease and it will result in dry and wrinkled skin over time.

To help control the amount of sugar in your blood, you need to drink the Sugar Balance Tea on a regular basis. It contains cyclocarya paliurus (also known as living fossils) which have been clinically proven to have a significant effect in blood sugar lowering, lipid-lowering and diabetes protection.

Alcohol: Drinking excessive alcohol can affect your liver function thereby causing toxins to accumulate in your body, which in turn will affect the skin and cause skin problems such as wrinkles and sagging skin. It will also accelerate your aging if you don't control your daily alcohol intake.

Canned Food: Canned foods are easier or convenient to eat but most of the added additives are not healthy to the body and contain fewer nutrients than fresh foods. Long-term consumption of canned food is not conducive to health and will accelerate the degradation and aging of your body tissues.

Excess Spicy Food: Excess spicy food can cause damage to the skin of menopausal women and accelerate aging over time. So do not eat excessive spicy foods very often.

Fried Food: After the food is fried at high temperatures, the various components in the high-temperature reaction will release a lot of harmful substances and increase the risk of carcinogenesis (cancer). Frequent eating of fried foods will also cause the body to have oxidative stress, which is simply to increase the free radicals that cause aging and accelerate the oxidative aging of the body cells.

Milk Tea: Some people like to add milk whenever they drink any of our herbal teas. The taste is more mellow and smooth, reducing the astringency. Our herbal teas are healthy to drink, some are rich in tannins, and they have antioxidant effects. The milk casein will reduce the effectiveness of the tannins and will also lead to a nutrient loss in the tea.

Red Meat: Red meat such as beef and mutton contains a certain amount of saturated fatty acids, which will generate free radicals in the body, destroy skin cells and eventually accelerate aging. It can be replaced by white meat with lower fat content such as chicken, and with fruits and vegetables to help the body improve its antioxidant capacity and delay the aging process.

In the end, if you want to look younger and healthier than your peers, don't forget to drink our health care teas on a regular basis! You can choose the one that best suits your body's needs or lifestyle.

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