Which Is Better: Matcha Tea Powder Or Green Tea Leaves?

Which Is Better: Matcha Tea Powder Or Green Tea Leaves?


Matcha green tea

While matcha tea and green tea might look the same and are both rich in antioxidants, they are actually different.


Matcha powder is a fine, velvety powder that feels smooth to the touch, like talc. Green tea feels gritty, like crushed-up leaves.


Only the finest green tea leaves are used to make matcha tea powder, and they are always harvested by hand. The stems and veins are removed from the leaves, which are then stone-ground into matcha powder.

Standard green tea is made from steeping parts of the leaf in hot water.


Nutrition is where matcha tea powder really shines when compared to green tea.

In fact, you’d have to drink 10 to 15 cups of green tea to equal the nutrients in one cup of matcha. This is because matcha is made by grinding the entire tea leaf into a powdered form and you will just have to pour a spoon of matcha powder into hot water. For green tea, you will have to put the leaves in hot water and most times, not all the nutrients in the leaves are sucked out.


Matcha tea contains 137 times more antioxidants than the standard green tea.

If you are searching for something to enhance your energy, calm your mind and relax your body, Matcha green tea powder may be the perfect choice for you.

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