4 Funnels That Can Take Your Ecommerce Business To The Next Level

4 Funnels That Can Take Your Ecommerce Business To The Next Level

Funnel marketing

There are different types of funnels you can use in your ecommerce business although some of us probably know or use one or two. Let me share the four funnels with you and I use all of them in my ecommerce businesses.

1. Product Funnel: Create ads that will direct people to your product, landing or sales page. Once they are buying (still on the shopping cart) or after they proceed to the checkout page, you can show them something else such as a complementary product at a discounted price. There are plugins or apps you can use to do this on your ecommerce site. It works best after they have purchased an item from your site then you show them another complementary item on the checkout page. You can keep showing them items after items (one-time offers) as they are buying or checking out until they decide not to purchase again, but hey, don't over do it.

2. Organic Content Funnel: Create valuable content and reviews of products that people may be interested in and promote them organically on your blog and social media channels. It may not attract immediate buyers but then you can target people that engage with your content and once you have a huge list of people who are interested and engaging with your content, you can retarget them via Facebook, Instagram, Google or YouTube ads and get them back to your site to make purchases. It's cheaper to target people who have already engaged with your content than to target a cold audience. Once they make their first purchase on your site, you bump them with other complementary products.

3. Paid Ads Content Funnel: Create valuable contents (articles or videos) in the form of blog posts or social media contents and promote the contents via paid ads. Then create another set of paid ads that will retarget those that engage with any of your contents and direct the warm traffic to your products so you can make sales. Segment your retargeting ads such as those that watched some certain percentage of your video, those didn't purchase anything, those that abandoned their checkouts, those that made purchases, etc.

4. Email Funnel: Run paid and organic ads that will make people to opt into your email list. You can build your email list fast by offering a sales discount, free shipping or free product. Follow those that subscribed to your email list with series of automated email campaigns that will convince them to buy your products. Create another series of automated email campaigns such as abandoned cart campaigns, post-purchase campaigns, winback campaigns and product review campaigns.

Final Thought

Learn how to use and combine all these four funnels if you want to build a successful ecommerce business.

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